"Quaderni di Operai Contro"

This issue includes three articles devoted to the criticisms of three Italian Marxists: Gianfranco Pala, Paolo Giussani and Gianfranco La Grassa, respectively. (Unfortunately, the articles are written in Italian and have not been translated yet).

The first issue of "Quaderni" was presented in a public conference held in Milan on June 12th, 1997 at Calusca Bookstore. This presentation has later caused the resentful reaction of Dr. Giussani, who proposed a new public meeting to debate about the article "The Algebraic Marxism" directed against him. This meeting took place on January 23rd 1998.
At same time, the polemic was carried out by means of an exchange of 5 public letters between the parts, which were spread at Calusca Bookstore. In particular, Giussani wrote two letters whereas we wrote three letters.

Two (lettera1.rtf; lettera1.ps; lettera2.rtf; lettera2.ps) of them (have been written before the meeting of January while the third (lettera3.rtf; lettera3.ps) has been written after and represents a sort of account of what happened there, including the main topics of the discussion.
The papers enclosed hopefully will give a rough idea of the discussion. In this respect, we must point out that Dr. Giussani has systematically avoided to go into detail about the criticisms directed against him. He preferred the ideologic polemic about communism, instead of a serious scientific debate.
We believe that the issues addressed in "Quaderni di Operai Contro" are very important in relation to the discussion of the scientific ground of Marx's analysis. For this reason we will appreciate any critical comment and consideration on the issues considered in this debate.

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