Letter to Iraqi Workingmen and Iraqi People

We, Italian workingmen, dissociate ourselves from every responsibility of the military aggression that Bush and his allied are waging against Iraq.
We, Italian workingmen, don't want, by any means, be party to the bombing and the massacres that are being carried out against you.
We will make any possible effort, any kind of struggle, in order to stop this war, in order to denounce the support that Berlusconi and the Italian government have provided to USA, Great Britain and Spain.
We have not believed any of their lies about terrorism, about weapons of mass destruction.
Besides, they have imposed to the Iraqi Army to disarm while there were concentrating several hundreds thousands soldiers at the border, soldiers equipped with the best weapons, these really of mass destruction. An unheard arrogance.
We know very well that the aim of this aggression is the robbery of Iraqi oil, and the transformation of Iraq into an American military base instrumental to the USA imperialism in that area.
It is not concern of Imperialist governments to judge your government, to judge Saddam.
Imperialist governments do not have a clean record. . These governments lead countries based on the exploitation of workingmen, they are involved in corruption, in the robbery of the people all over the world, in bombing, cannot say anything about Iraqi government.
Governments of masters that, for their profits, are pushing millions of workingmen toward destitution and misery. , Can they say anything credible about Iraqi government? Certainly not.
It is your task, workingmen and people of Iraq, to deal with Saddam. You are the only ones that can do something without serving the interests of the masters and governments who sparked off this aggression. We don't even trust the European governments that nowadays oppose war. Their only matter is how to get their share in the division of the Iraqi booty.
The only positive fact is that the contrast among the different governments has prevented the aggressors to get the UN legitimation of their war in the name of the general interest of humanity.
The attack of Berlusconi and Bush against the pacifists' protest has taught us something.
The fact that all these demonstrations against war, American ones included, has not modified at all the conduct of the governments in the Iraqi war, have taught us something.
What we learnt is that to be effectively on your side we can't but fight against our governments, against our masters assiduously.
Since they use only the language of force, they will understand only the force of workingmen' strikes and the force of workingmen' protest, all over the world, in all the countries.
We can stop them in the factories, in the transportations, in the streets, we will do everything we can, you can believe it

"A people oppressing another people cannot be free"

Workingmen and Union delegates of the following factories