Look and remember

Tv had showed pictures of soldiers caressing kids, smiling at Somali women, handling out food. The government had sent its army for humanitarian purposes.

Somali people, barbaric and uncivilized were killing each other and starving. The Italian bourgeois army went, once again, to bring Western capitalistic civilization and to teach democracy.

Look and remember: a bleeding Somali lies on the ground, unconscious, while four "parÓ" (paratroops) are around, torturing him with electricity.

Look and remember: a Somali woman raped by four self-assured parÓ using the top of an anti-tank rocket.

Look and remember: a Somali is tied hand and foot and dragged behind a tank.

It is unlikely to see those hundreds of dead caused by the heroic Italian bourgeois army. It is easy now to talk of sadism and to want some soldier's or General's head.

Look and remember: this is the civilization of the humanitarian and peace-keeping missions of the bourgeois' army, defending the profit of the employers.

Look and remember: don't struck with horror. Don't think that those who did such things were crazy.

Remember: this is the civilization and humanity of the Italian bourgeoisie.

Remember: an army that defends the employer's interests will always use these means to subjugate other people.

Remember: those who support a capitalist government are wholly responsible of all the actions of its national army. Either right bourgeoisie or left bourgeoisie would be managing the government itself.

Remember: Prodi's imperialist government will answer of the action of the Italian army in Albania.

The leftist government wants some General's head only to defend the bourgeois army against any accusation.

This government has a guilty conscience: with its agreement, soldiers in Albania are carrying out an humanitarian action.

Remember: like in Somalia!

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