A wave of dismissals

Kia, 54.127 employees and Halla, 21.996 employees are going to shut down. Hyundai dismisses 5.000 workers. Hanwa announces a drastical reduction of the workers. Other large groups point out a necessary 30% reduction.

Every day 25 small and medium enterprises, and a large, listed one, go bankrupt.

Since the beginning of the year, 7 out of 30 industrial colossuses have crashed. They represent 60% of the Corean production.

They used to be the feather in the hat of the postwar modern capitalism.

All of a sudden, hundreds of thousands of factory workers fall into poverty and are reduced to begging.

The financial crisis of the Lesser Tigers, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, went off in July and immediately spread to all the Asian countries, Japan included. The crisis showed its real face before long: a crisis for overproduction.

  1. Western journalists and business men, today, accuse the eastern economies of "unsustainable growth". The same people took those countries as a model, before.
    Despite the strong growth and the high production, and right because of these, the crisis went off so powerfully.
  2. Now they wish to cut off these economies to keep their own countries from being involved in the crisis.

    In exchange for a billion dollar help, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), on behalf of their rivals - USA and Europe - "orders" them drastical measures to wind up their means of production.
  3. Employers in western countries put a pressure on their workers for increasing production, for working at infernal rate, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At the same time, they blame their counterpart in rival countries for overproduction.
    This is what Corea teaches us: when plenty of goods are produced, flooding the market, they cannot find who is able to pay the price needed to grant a profit. Therefore, they are bound to obstruct the return of money and to break the credit system: stock market crash, company crash and redundancies.
  4. The Asian crisis will affect the rest of the world. The IMF formula is the usual "bourgeois" solution to crisis: destroy a large quantity of production forces, achieve new markets and exploit to the utmost the existing markets.

A pacific solution of the crisis won’t occur. Just a bigger exploitation of the factory workers, not only in Asia, and the worsening of the wars over the markets will take place.

Working men, you are warned. This organization of production, based on profit, crashes into itself and reduces to poverty the workers of all over the world.
The solution is overthrowing the employers, is power to the workers, is reorganizing production on a new basis. World crisis itself drives workers to this way.
Times are ripening; despite and against all the illusions about a long-lasting development of the world capitalism.


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