A discussion for the party

Working men, without a party we are nobody. Today we do not have an indipendent political party.

We have a number of representatives among the leftist bourgeoisie. However, we do not have a real political representation, one which is able to oppose the employers’ political movements with the political movement of the workers themselves.

Those parties, that claim to be our representatives, have also been members of the government for years, or, at least, members of the government supporting majority.

In the meanwhile, workers’ social condition is undeniably getting worse. Factories have shut down, redundancies have been dismissed, an order of things allowed by the Ministry of Labour and by trade unions. Pensions are being attacked and, step by step, we are going towards a 40-year industrial imprisonment. While they are chatting over new jobs, a new reality has emerged. A reality made up of dismissals, blackmailing, atypic contracts and starvation wages. We are even watching a modern remake of the old caporalato (that is the illegal hiring of farm labourers for very low wages): the "work to let".

Workers are reduced to obedience and their condition has got worse without paying the slightest price of fight and rebellion and such condition is the result of the fact that the leftist bourgeoisie itself launched the attack against the workers. The same bourgeoisie who claim to be the workers’ representation. How industrialists should thank them!

Government parties control trade unions which, in turn, control large and medium industries. Small industries are left in the hands of the masters themselves. Through Rifondazione, a channel is always left open between the so-called opposing movements and the institutions. This bourgeoisie "of government and of struggle" guarantee that everything will be always brought back again within the system.

For outbursts of anger, police and courts are always on work. Everything seems to go smoothly.

However the economic situation is on the move. The louder they cry out for an upturn in the economy, the more elements of crisis they stock on the world market. The more they say that workers are done for, the more in the factories the refusal of their representation rises up. They also refuse both to submit to the anti-workers’ measures of Prodi government and to be teased by the shifts of Rifondazione.

Workers need an indipendent political party. If they turn to the government or to the rightist bourgeois opposition party, which is worse, in order to defend their most basic rights, they will be condemned to an endless social and economic slavery.

Workers need an indipendent political party. No basic union, no local coordination could ever take the place of this instrument through which workers introduce themselves as a class against those classes who live on their poverty and slavery.

Workers need an indipendent political party. They must prepare themselves for the struggle for their own liberation. Within the system of the capital there is only one thing they can do: work, work and work to enrich their employer.

During phases of economic growth, a tolerable life seems allowed to them. However during crises everything gets clearer: whether they get a starvation wage or the are put on the street. During crises, workers must impose themselves as clearly as this. Conquer political power, abolish wage labour. Abolish exploitation.

Today, a discussion among workers on these question is an urgent matter. The first meeting will be held on

Saturday, May 9, 1998 - h 9.30 - 14.00


Activists of Associazione per la Liberazione degli Operai of the following factories:

Fiat-New Holland, Modena; Comau, Torino Siemens-Italtel, Cassina Dè Pecchi (Mi); Demag Italimpianti, Milano; Borletti, Corbetta (Mi); Nuova Filati, Novara; Voith Riva Hydro, Milano;Supermercati Gigante, Milano

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