Riot in the Palestinian ghettos

Since September 29, people in Palestinian ghettos are on riot. These ghettos are mainly populated by Palestinian workingmen - employed in factories of Israel masters – and underclass people. Israel bourgeoisie responded with the only possible mean the bourgeois have against workingmen’s riot: the army. This is the true face of bourgeois peace. In each day of riot a long list of murdered Palestinian has been filled out. Friday November the 29th , 7 Palestinian murdered and over 500 injured. Saturday November the 30th: 16 Palestinian murdered and over 600 injured. Sunday October the first: 13 Palestinian murdered and over 300 injured. Monday October the second: 17 Palestinian murdered and 1200 injured. Murdered people are extremely young between 15 and 30 years old. In fact, Israeli soldiers don’t shoot only at rioters. Amongst murdered people there are also children between 2 and 10 years old. However, in spite of these slaughters, the riot went on and since ground troops were not sufficient anymore to hold the rioters the Israeli armed forces had to use the artillery and helicopters against them. The peace agreement between Israeli bourgeois and the leader of Palestinian bourgeoisie Arafat, endorsed under the influence of American imperialism, was not giving anything to Palestinian people. Arafat, in exchange of the control of Gaza and others concentration camps created by Israeli bourgeoisie and scattered in the Palestinian territory, agreed to guarantee the peace wanted by the imperialism. The Israeli bourgeois hoped through those agreements to control the riot of Palestinian workingmen and underclass people from the camps. The bourgeois of all countries welcomed that agreement as the beginning of their peace in the middle east.

Reality was stronger than their illusions

Only who wants to defend capitalism can welcome such peace agreement endorsed by the bourgeois. Bourgeoisie will never solve Palestinian problems.

Workingmen from all over the world cannot but pay honor to the Palestinian rioters and be on their side against the bourgeois.

Israeli workingmen cannot allow their bourgeoisie goes on with the slaughter of Palestinian people. By fighting for the freedom of Palestinian people, Israeli workingmen are the only force that can attack the bourgeoisie from the inside.

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